Kertha Gosa

Kertha Gosa :: The Court of Justice at Klungkung Regency

The Court Hall-Kertha Gosa, Kertha Gosa was building/place for solving problem concerning with a security, prosperity, and a justice of the kingdom of Bali. It was not known exactly who was the founder, but according to Candra Sengkala (a way of writing the year by using picture of animal of plant which represents certain figures), it had been exist in the year of Caka 1622 or around the year of 1700 AD, when Dewa Agung Jambe governed the kingdom of Semarapura. Kertha Gosa was used to held a meeting by the regional kings throughout Bali where his Excellency the king of Klungkung gave his direction and decision concerting problem in accordance with a need and the situation of Kingdom of Bali. In April, 28, 1908, when Dutch's soldiers came to Klungkung, the kingdom of Klungkung was conquered by the Dutch soldiers. Since then, Klungkung was ruled by the Dutch and functioned as a court of justice.

The Floating House-Taman Gili
Taman Gili lies at the left side of Kertha Gosa. 'Gili' is a piece of land in the middle of a pond. It also known as Bale Kambang which means floating house and it is as old as Kertha Gosa. To the west of these two building there stand a main gate known as Pemedal Agung the main entrance of the Royal Palace. The tree historical building are located in one area in the heart of Semarapura town, 40 km from Denpasar to the East, it would take an hour driving from Denpasar. The carving that adorn the three highly buildings fascinating. Besides in the coiling of Court Hall and the Floating Hall are decorated with "Kamasan" traditional paintings. The Floating House-Taman Gili : different from that we see today. During the period of the Balinese Kingdom, it is small, lower and it did not have as many as pillars as it does today. It was functioned as the King guard's headquarter. The Dutch restored this building and changed it into its present form. The ceiling of the Balai Kambang is decorated "Wayang" Picture.

Semarajaya Museum
In the west part of the Kertha Gosa (the Court Hall) and floating Hall is standing a museum which is called the Semarajaya Museum. It is in one area with the amazing "Pemedal Agung". Pre-historic and historic articles, especially those that were used in the period of Klungkung heroic battle and Masterpiece of Klungkung handicrafts are stored in this museum. Built in Balinese architecture in the shape of "Lingga-Yoni" with hem which is it be found the statue of the King that perished in the "Puputan" and illustrated wirh diorama narrating the proceeding of the "Puputan".

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