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Sanur - A place where you can enjoy the morning light
The word of sanur come from word Saha and Nuhur which translated become wishes that come out from a togetherness of the community (saha) to get the spirit of holy light (nuhur) from got to motivate the human life. A meaning that is until now still continue as a daily life of sanur community who always light and life their art ang culture together with their spiritual life.Sanur located only 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Aiport. The strategic location makes very aesy to be reach and to ga to many important places around the Island. To kuta only take you 15 minutes ang to go to ubud it will take you only 30 minutes. If you look at Bali Map, you can see Sanur at the South East part of the Island. Sanur is not a tourism area as busy as Kuta. But the place has complete facilities that a tourism area should have. If you decide to stay overnight in Sanur there are many things that you can do to color your holiday like many other tourist from Europa did who mostly come from Holland.

In the history of Old Bali,special history about Sanur can be found at the Sri Kesari Warmadewa epigraph which still kept in Blanjong at the south part of Sanur. On September 20, 1906 upon the battle of Puputan Badung, Sanur was the place where The Holland landed heir troops. Sanur become more famous whell Belgium painter Adrian J. Le Mayeur came, settle dwon and marry a famous dancer Ni Polok in 1937. If you look at Sanur from the air, the beach line fenced the area made half circle shape more like crecent. At the north part the wave is perfect for surfing and the middle and the west part perfect for surfing and the middle and the west part perfect for surfing and the middle and the west part perfect for other marine sport because the wave is calm not too high but more leaning dwon. To enjoy the sunrise is perfect in Sanur beach especially at the middle part.

Since 917 as written on Blanjong epigraph, until now Sanur still known as an area with the community very strict to their spiritual religious. By the existent of many Griya (special name for the priest resident) that located in Sanur area as become point of reference that the spiritual culture and religion of Sanur community very strong and existing until now. This situation related to the role play of Griya as the house of the priest who lead a ceremony which still become a figure and place where the Balinese ca come to ask questions, to ask guidance and to ask for many advices in many things, for example a ceremony, and even guidance for their daily life.

In each of Griya, we can find the daily activity which full of religious activity. The making of the offering from the most simple one until the highest level of ceremony, some community to their priest and ask question or advice, until religious guidance in making house, starting a business and many oher thing still can be searchin global way. That kind of activitiy are still keeping the beauty and charm of sanur as a tourism area that putting their culture at the very top place and has the most interesting subject the reason why tourist has to visit Sanur while they are in Bali.

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