Bali Sea Cruises

Bali Sea Cruises :: Exploring The Blue Ocean of Bali by Our Cruises Program

To complete your holiday in Bali, Bali Suta provided Bali Cruises. Cruises Bali are the great experience to explore the blue ocean and Lembongan Island as the destination. Get the fantastic experience during your holiday in Bali Paradise island on the luxurious boats. Bali Sea Cruises will invite you to wade the Bali Sea and go to the Lembongan Island by very comfortable boat with professional and experienced ship crews.

With Bali Cruises programs, you will enter the water territorial of Nusa Lembongan (Lembongan Island) famous with its white sand, clear sea water, the beauty of its coral and the cleanliness of its coast A lot of colorful fishes can be found here and the services of this cruise will bring you to all that you wish. It provides four choices of luxurious sea cruise to Lembongan or Nusa Penida Island which are recommended that Bali Hai Cruise, Wakalouka Cruise, Sail Sensation and Bounty Cruise.

Bali Sea Cruises List

Snorkeling with beautiful marine life

Lembongan Island Reef Cruise

Jungut Batu Bay 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 1025k - IDR 1570k

Ocean Kayaking

Lembongan Beach Club Cruise

Benoa Harbour 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 1152k - IDR 1665k

Aristocar Sailing Catamaran

Bali Sailing Cruise

Benoa Harbour 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 1240k - IDR 1786k

crystal bay, nusa penida island

Castaway Escape Cruise

Crystal Bay 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 1350k - IDR 1990k

ocean raft bali, sea rafting, ocean rafting cruise

Three Island Day Cruise

Benoa Harbour 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 1150k - IDR 1430k

bali hai, dolphin cruise, bali cruise

Bali Hai Dolphin Cruise

Benoa Harbour 2 hours
Half Day

IDR 587k - IDR 847k

lembongan island view with bali fun ship

Day Cruises Bali Fun Ship

Lembongan Island 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 400k - IDR 1060k

bounty vessel, lembongan day cruise

Bounty Cruises Bali

Benoa Harbour 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 412k - IDR 1562k

quicksilver wave piercing vessel, toyapakeh nusa penida

Quicksilver Bali Cruise

Toyapakeh Bay 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 687k - IDR 1312k

relax yacht island explorer cruises

Relax Cruise Lembongan

Lembongan Island 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 580k - IDR 995k

romantic sunset dinner cruise, bali hai cruise

Sunset Dinner Cruises

Serangan Harbour 4 hours

IDR 620k - IDR 985k

aristocat cruise, evening cruise, bali hai cruise

Aristocat Evening Cruise

Benoa Harbor 3 hours

IDR 700k - IDR 970k

sailing cruise, catamaran cruise, nusa penida cruise

Island Discovery Cruise

Crystal Bay 4 hours

IDR 456k - IDR 626k