Celuk Village

Celuk Village - Interesting Place in Bali with its Celuk Bali Jewelry

About one hours drive from Sanur, you can find Celuk Village. Celuk Bali Jewelry is a one places of interest in Bali. Celuk Village is located in the Sukawati district of the Gianyer regency and is an excellent location to stop and see if you are staying in the southeast area or traveling through at any point. Located at around one hour away from the international airport and very close to such areas as Sanur and Ubud, Celuk Village is easily reachable by the By-pass road making traveling to this are convenient as well as satisfying. Famous for its gold and silver used in jewelry making, the Celuk Village is a one of the main Balinese craft towns and therefore also has fabulous bustling traditional markets and a real air of Balinese culture. Located away form the tourist centers Gianyar is the administrative center of the area and therefore has a center developed in the Indonesian style with no real influence from tourism and is surrounded with unspoilt villages and market areas as well as some of the most pleasant and largest rice Paddies in Bali. It is possible to see the production of the gold and silver at each of its stages from finding, preparing and cleaning to shaping and development and the as the subject of much bargaining and trade.

The product of Celuk Village extend around the village and to other Balinese buyers as well as throughout Indonesia and now internationally throughout the world. Products include rings, bracelets, chokers, earrings, Tusuk Konde broaches as well as mother of pearl. The craftsmen of the Celuk Village are also able to receive specific orders for personalized crafts and products so at a very low price indeed it is possible to either design or personalize the crafts to your needs, which make ideal presents.

The history behind this focus on crafts and gold and silver has a historical significance that is not only interesting but is also visible throughout the village in the way of statues and monuments as well as in the museums that provide an excellent insight and background complimenting the area. This began with a man called Clan Pande who started the first group of gold spinners, which across generations of maintenance has spread throughout the village, and today it has had a significant impression on the entire area both culturally and physically.

There are also many other areas of interest in the surrounding areas including the famous barong dances that can be observed in the Batubulan village and the bird park that is fighting to conserve Balis endemic birds, Bali Zoo and the painting and wood carving of Singapadu to name just a few. As Bali becomes more crowded and as most of the cultural displays become more and more commercial the quiet and unchanged areas are offering a refreshing change to this where it is possible to experience the Bali that the first tourists came to see and find out why they kept coming back.

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