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Le Mayeur Museum,
From many other attractive things about Sanur that have invite many tourist come to this beautiful village, there is one interesting part that made up the whole part of Sanur, which is Le Mayor Museum. The sound of Sanur every where around the world have invited not only ourits to come just to have a visit, but the sound about Sanur have attracted a Belgium painter in 1930 Adrian Jean mayeur de Merpres to come Sanur, who then decide to stay in Sanur as his home in Sindu area, which is now the street name is Segara Ayu Sanur. He marriedan original Sanur Legong dancer name Ni Polok. The success of le meyeur in making his magnificent work in painting has raised the good image of sanur name to whole word. Until no you my still enjoy the masterpieces of le Meyeur that nicely kept and display at his house which now have turned to a museum with a name after him le Mayeur Museum.

Beaches in Sanur

There are some different names of the beaches in Sanur territory and each of them has their own specialties to enjoy. For example Mertasari beach is perfect to enjoy many kind of water sport. Padanggalak beach and the beach in front of Bali beach hotel are perfect to enjoy sunrise and along the way of Sinddu beach until Mertasari is good to enjoy your afternoon while enjoying a cup coffee. And if you want to do a spiritual journey or you more intereted in temples and the unique things about their architecture you may visit segara temple and Blanjong with each of their special things to enjoy. And for historical and memorial place you may have a look at Pan Am ? the memorial airline crash at Padanggalak.


Tourism activity in Sanur started upon development of a hotel that becomes th icon of Sanur turism, Ina Grand Bali Beach Hotel (formely called Hotel Bali Beach). In 1960, Wija Waworuntu built Tanjung Sari Bungalows that become a favorite place to stay for many international celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Yoko Ono, Sophia Loren and many more.

The next years afterwards Sanur has become an interesting place to visit and enjoy vacation. The development of many other hotels also started to take place. And then at 1973 Bali Hyat built with a very unique stlye which known as Sanur Stlye. Many other accommodations now have spread out around Sanur area with each of their characteristic and style has color the tourism activity and facilities in Sanur. As Puri Kelapa Hotel, Tanjung Sari and La Taverna,still exits with their old and unique style but still serve a high class service to their five stars class also keeping the limestone material as their style which you can witness them until now in many of their walls, which very interesting to enjoy and observe.

Tropical garden with a very Sanur style by keeping nicely the beach trees have been done perfectly by Sanur Beach Hotel as one of five stars Hotels in Sanur area as well. While Sanur Village Hotel,Hotel Puri Santrian, Hotel Griya Santian, Pargata Villas Resort and Mencure Resort a little beat have a modern touch on their building style, but not leaving the old shape and the very nice mixed of Europan and Balinese style.

Sanur Village Festival

Sanur Village has a great potential in art, culture,environment, community and tourism with its own character and uniqueness. To preserve them all ang support the community in keeping and maintain them always, they have made a special yearly international event level called Sanur Village Festival (SVF). Started in 2006 SVF have given a change to the community to show their talent and skill that mostly take place between 4 our 5 days. There are many activities that perfom and can be joined by the participant and visitors. The activities includes cooking competition to chef, golf tournament, under water festival, kites festival, art exhibition, photograpy exhibition and many other more. The one that that mostly been waiting by the visitor is the night event where in the open stage perfomed selection of art performance, completed by lined of class food stand that came from many fomous restaurant and food stall around Sanur which serve in a reasonable price where the local community also have a change to enjoy five stars level menu as their pocket. The blend of local and foreigner in one place become a magnificent sight to have a look. Enjoy Sanur!.

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