Rafting and Tubing Adventure in Ubud

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Here are the best Tubing and Rafting options to make your adventure activities in Bali even more fun and unforgettable. Visit Ubud, the central part of Bali, and immerse yourself in the sacred aura while enjoying adventurous activities like Rafting and Tubing. We offer tubing at famous rivers in Bali, such as Ayung River, Pakerisan River, Siap River, Penet River, Melangit River, Telaga Waja in East Bali, and others.

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Bali Rafting and Tubing List

Downdrift the Siap river

Bali Canyon Tubing

Siap River Bali 2 hours
Half Day

IDR 885k - IDR 1335k

Fun White Water Rafting

Bali Adventure Rafting

Ayung River 5 Hours
Half Day

IDR 695k - IDR 2995k

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Bali River Tubing

Pakerisan River 90 - 120 minutes

IDR 312k - IDR 487k

sobek rafting telaga waja river

Sobek Bali Rafting

Telaga Waja and Ayung River 2 hours

IDR 587k - IDR 937k

bali international rafting, club aqua, telaga waja river

Bali International Rafting

Telaga Waja River 2 hours
Half Day

IDR 550k - IDR 690k

bukit cilli rafting, telaga waja river

Bukit Cilli Rafting

Telaga Waja River 3 hours
Half Day

IDR 140k - IDR 550k

Adrenaline pumping rafting experience

Bali Payung Rafting

Ayung River Bali 2 - 3 hours

IDR 325k - IDR 450k

water rafting, ayung river

White Water Rafting

Ayung River 2 hours

IDR 587k - IDR 2400k

Fun Group rafting

Ayung Dewata Rafting

Ayung River 3 Hours
Half Day

IDR 900k

ayung river rafting

Mega Rafting

Ayung River Bali 2 hours
Half Day


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BIO River Tubing

Penet River 3 hours
Half Day


river boarding, pumping adrenaline, penet river

Penet River Boarding

Penet River 3 hours
Half Day


canyoning bali, penet river, bali activity

Canyoning Bali

Penet River 8 hours
Full Day