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Penet River Half Day (3 hours)

Same like ocean boarding, river boarding offer the unique experience whilst admiring the natural scenery of the Penet River. You will swim safety and comfortably using 3 dimensional board along the wild river 3,5 km and will take about 2 hours from start to finish point.

This is safe activities who will pumping your adrenaline. No problem for beginners, our professional trained staff will brief you how to control the river board before go to the water.

After the activity, lunch will be provided in a beautiful view restaurant overlooking Penet River valley below.

Morning and afternoon pickup time:

  • Nusa Dua 7.45-8.00am or 11.45-12.00pm
  • Kuta 8.00-8.15am or 12.00-12.15pm
  • Sanur 8.15-8.30am or 12.15-12.30pm
  • Ubud 8.30-8.45am or 12.30-12.45pm

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