Visiting Bali Zoo with a Variety of Package Options

Discover Bali Zoo and Marine Park for Animal Encounters, Safari Journeys, Water Play Zones, Elephant Riding, and More

We offer a wide selection of zoo programs, including safari journeys, animal education shows, tiger shows, elephant shows, close encounters with amazing rhinos, elephant bathing, and more. You can also customize your experience by selecting programs that suit your schedule. Simply inform us of your plans, and we will provide you with the best trip options.

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Bali Zoo & Marine Park List

big cat show

Jungle Hopper Package

Taman Safari Bali 2 - 7 hours

IDR 494k - IDR 750k

elephant back safari package

Elephant Back Safari

Taman Safari Bali 5 - 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 900k - IDR 1125k

Night Safari

Night Safari Package

Taman Safari Bali 3 hours

IDR 836k - IDR 1045k

Meet the skin of steel Rhinoceros

Rhino Package Taman Safari

Taman Safari Bali 2 - 8 hours
Full Day

IDR 1425k - IDR 1662k

bali zoo family visit

Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo 1 - 8 hours

IDR 266k - IDR 1923k

domestic, taman safari tickets, tiket domestik

Tiket Taman Safari Bali

Taman Safari Bali 1 - 10 jam

IDR 130k - IDR 520k