Fun Team Building Squid Game Thematic

Squid Game Team Building Outbound for Indoor or Outdoor

Fun Team Building Squid Game Thematic program adopts by the basic concept of the Squid Games scenario which is packaged in the form of a fun team building activity with several modifications, according to local content. The concept of this program is that participants will carry out the above activities as a Team, with several activities that are competitive in nature. 

The assessment of this competition will be carried out according to the Squid Game theme. Where will be obtained the result of the direct assessment of one team as the best selection nominee.

Price Option

Squid Game Thematic

Tour Program Inclusions:

  • Sanitized game equipment facilities
  • Facilitator/game master and technical crew certified LSP/BNSP
  • The facilitator/game master and technical crew have been vaccine boosters and minimum 2 times
  • Program support equipment, sound system, head scarf for participants
  • Refreshment (mineral water) during the activities ongoing
  • Fun Team Building activity: Ice breaking, Fun Games, Closing Games
  • Duration activity: 2,5 - 3 hours (based on program)
  • Public Liability Insurance during the program

The game activities in the program are examples and can be replaced with other games with the same objective depending on the location of the activity, the number of participants and so on.

Price Table

Group 30 - 50 pax
IDR 585,000/Person
Group 51 - 100 Pax
IDR 552,500/Person
Group 100 - Up
IDR 520,000/Person

Please contact us for any further information


Optional and Aditional  Cost:

  • If request a foreign Games Master (Japanese, Russian, Germany) it will be an additional cost Rp. 3.000.000
  • Photos, videos and drones during the event for Rp. 6.000.000
  • Ambulance and paramedic Rp. 3.000.000
  • Fun Team Building Venue
  • Changes in program/service/guarantee number of participants which may result in new investment costs will be calculated and agreed upon by both parties.

Bali Team Building

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