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Kecak Dance is the most dramatic Balinese Dance performance. Taken from the Hindu epic Ramayana, the dance tells the story of Prince Rama and his rescue of Princess Sita, who has been kidnapped by the evil King of Lanka.

There is no gamelan orchestra accompanying it like other dances in Bali. Instead, a troupe of over 150 bare-chested men serve as the chorus, making a wondrous cacophany of synchronized "chak-chak-chak" clicking sounds while swaying their bodies and waving their hands.

Story About Kecak Dance
Dewi Sitta and Laksmana are in the forest, suddenly a golden deer appears, the incarnation of king Ravanas aide which is assigned to make Rama away from Sitta, leaving Dewi Sitta alone, the golden dears approached them and then move away as if invite them to play. Seeing the cute deer, Sitta asked Rama get the golden deer. Before leaving Sita, Rama asked his brother Laksmana to guard Sitta. And then Rama leaves Sitta and Laksmana to pursue the golden deer that ran away.

Not long afterwards there are screaming that sounds like Rama and asked for help. Hearing that voice, Sitta was worried and then asked Laksmana to follow Rama, the Laksmana did not believe if that voice is the voice of Rama because he knew Rama could not be harmed by the scores of deer. But Sita would not understand him even angry at the Laksmana and accused Laksmana to intentionally allowed Rama to die so he could marry Sitta later. Due to constantly urged by Sitta, Laksmana finally go after Rama. But, before leaving Sita alone, Laksmana create a circle and asked Sitta to stay within the circle.

After the Laksmana left, there are a priest appeared who is actually a manifestation Ravana. The priest was asking for water to Sitta. Feeling sorry, Sitta provide water to the priest with his hand stretched out of the circle. Immediately the old priest turned into Ravana. Then take Sita away.

Narrated that Sita has been in the kingdom of Lanka and was accompanied by Trijata - nephew of Ravana assigned to guard Sitta. Sitta looked sad and cry over the condition while keep hoping Rama came to the rescue. Then, there are came the White Apes - Hanuman. At first, Sitta thought Hanuman is also an incarnation of Ravana, but after the Hanuman explained that he was the emissary of King Rama, and handed the ring as proof. Then Sita gives interest to Hanuman for submission to King Rama. Before leaving the kingdom of Lanka, Hanuman set fire to the park and few places in the kingdom of Lanka as a message to Ravana that Rama would come to rescue Sita.

Then Rama and his army ordered the monkey king Sugriwa to fight Megananda, in this scene the Kecak dancers will form 2 groups, one group being a soldier Megananda, one other group in the army Sugriwa. In this battle Sugriwa defeat Megananda. Then the dancers smack back into one group.

Told that Ravana can be defeated and Rama has been reunited with his wife Sitta. Their meeting was attended by Laksmana, Sugriwa and Hanuman.

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