Melasti Beach Officially Open Today

Melasti Beach - Ungasan Village Shouth Kuta Officially Open Today

Melasti Beach oficially open for visitors today. The traditional village of Ungasan, South Kuta, who have a responsibility about the Melasti Beach, announced that The Melasti Beach will open today, 24 June 2020, for tourists. With the tight of the health protocols, visitors can enjoy the beach surounded by white cliffs to relax after lockdown procedure.

Reported from, the Tradition Village Chief of Ungasan, Mr. Wayan Disel Astawa said: "We planing to open on Sasih Karo (Balinese special day) 24 June 2020, free access until end of June. Referring to the Badung regents circular number 259/2020 about the tourist stakeholder guide for New Normal".  He continued that the health protocols in his village was very ready to be implemented to run the New Normal. Melasti Beach with area about 10 hectare so it is possible to applied the phisical distancing.

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