Marine Explore Package

Bali Marine Walk :: Seawalking at Nusa Lembongan :: Marine Explore Package

Lembongan Island Full Day (6 hours)

Marine Explore packages provided by Bali Marine Walk that offer an adventures tour experience at Lembongan Island Bali. This package is a full day package to Lembongan island departure from Sanur Bali and about 30 minutes to Sammada Beach Club Lembongan island using speed boats. All activities, transportation, fast boat service are included on the price below.

Join Marine Walk Explore package and enjoy a spectacular reef inhabited by endless marine life and amazing breathtaking colors using a special helmet to breath underwater. Another activities in Lembongan island is Snorkeling, Banana Taxi, Water Slide at the Pontoon, swimming pool and Beach Kayaking.

Bali Marine Walk is temporarily not available.
Please get in touch with us for further information

Click here to explore Tanjung Benoa Ocean Walker instead.

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